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The primary cornerstone of the financial economy in Tenerife is tourism, Tenerife receives nearly 5 million visitors each year including 1.6 million visitors from the UK. Furthermore, due to its popularity and seemingly endless activities and beautiful climate, there’s a 77% rate of return visits from the UK. The Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors account for the island’s other main financial sources. A report from the Canary Institute of Statistics has shown that the economy of the Canary Islands continues to grow and shows an average of 3.1% increase in the Tenerife economy each year.


Known as “the island of eternal Spring” Tenerife enjoys a pleasant tropical climate with year-round sunshine. Temperatures can reach up to 18 in the winter months and 25 in the summer, even NASA has pronounced it as one of the best climates on the planet! There is a definite contrast however between the south and the north. The south generally offers warmer weather compared to the north which offers cooler temperatures with higher rainfall and a lush green landscape.

Estate Agents Tenerife


The way of life in Tenerife is relaxed, the weather and relaxed atmosphere is what drives people back and sees many expats settling down here. Thanks to its perfect year-round climate it offers a range of outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, cycling, hiking, golf and many more. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches and impressive national parks but it offers much more. Throughout the year fiestas are held, with every town celebrating their own. They’re full of tradition with food, wine, live music and folk dances. Tenerife carnival which is held in the capital of Santa Cruz is widely considered to be the second biggest in the world. The World Wind Surfing Championships were also held here in 2018 in El Medino.

Estate Agents Tenerife


Tenerife offers good quality medical and health care, it forms part of the overall European united system. Throughout the island there are various hospitals, medical centers and dental clinics offering state-provided healthcare or private healthcare, generally speaking we’ve noticed the healthcare services here to be first class with state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you’re a holidaymaker or a resident on the island you’re entitled to healthcare. If you live in Tenerife and are paying Social Security, or you’re a pensioner in receipt of an exportable UK Pension you will be entitled to free state health care.

Estate Agents Tenerife


Travelling between Tenerife and the UK is just a 4-hour flight away and with the availability of cheap flights it’s the most popular of the Canary Islands as well as one of Britain’s top winter sun destinations. There are regular flights available from Tenerife to most UK airports and vise versa.

Estate Agents Tenerife


Living on the island of Tenerife, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to clean eating and a healthy diet. The availability of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables is right on your doorstep. There are many local fish markets selling the catch of the day as well as local ‘fruterias’/green grocers selling fresh local produce. Tropical fruits are also widely available such as bananas, papayas, mangoes, pineapples, kiwis, avocados and guavas. These are rich in nutrients, a good source of antioxidants. The overall Mediterranean diet you can eat here is renowned for its health benefits, said to be the healthiest diet you can eat.